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LIVER HEALTH EXTRACTS essence of polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum tea cream with EGCG after a rigorous scientific and rational matching system in accordance with the concept of Chinese medicine West Synthesis, a purity of over 80% of the activity of polysaccharide Ganoderma purity of more than 90 per cent and the tea EGCG essence of science match. Use of the world's top refining and synthesis technologies; from refined by GMP standards by the effects of the product.
LIVER HEALTH EXTRACTS essence of effectiveness:
A. EGCG has a strong capacity for hydrogen, and in reducing the role of free radicals of oxygen free radical liminated, and the OHO Elimination of the greatest rate of 98 percent and 99 percent, and its antioxidant capacity than vitamin E-18 times. Effective protection of liver cells.
B. Protect the Liver , increase the ability of the liver protein synthesis to accelerate create new liver cells, liver regeneration capacity strengthened; enhance liver detoxification and phagocytic function, and to remove harmful chemicals.
C. Dealcoholic detoxification of the liver and fat due to D-galactosamine-or four carbon dioxide (CCL4) poisoning caused liver damage and restore good effect; to alcohol and other toxic chemicals have a strong role in the decomposition, avoid alcoholism.
D. the heavy metal ion adsorption to the precipitation or reduction of waste discharge, thereby removing toxic.
E. Inhibit bacterial growth, the elimination of non-deodorant Yixiu, antioxidant.
F. Enhance immunity, supporting role in inhibiting tumor