Sell LM-5000 hydrogen generator

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Hydrogen Generator LM Series belong to high-tech products in which the solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) that is the most advanced technology for producing hydrogen in the world is adopted. The Generator generates pure hydrogen directly with electrolytic separation of pure water (deionized water) by a SPE cell. There is none of alkali solution to use. It can be used as hydrogen container replacement in many places and is safe, reliable, practical, easy to operate and carry.

Hydrogen Generator LM Series consists of (SPE) electrochemical cell, water tank, hydrogen/water separator, desiccant cartridge, sensor, digital display, control circuit board, main and supplementary constant-current devices and safety valve.

Item LM-2000 LM-3000 LM-5000
Purity: >99. 99% (excluding moisture content)
Flow rate: 2000ml/min 3000ml/min 5000ml/min
Delivery pressure: 0. 02~0. 45MPa
Water tank capacity: 6L
Pure water: deionized water
Consumption of Pure Water: 60ml/hr(1000ml/min)
Power Supply: AC 200-240V /50Hz-60Hz DC 35-48V/15-20A
Power consumption: 1000W 1500W 2500W
Weight: 25Kg 30Kg 40Kg
Size: W280*H350*D520(mm) (except desiccant cartridge)