Sell LN-IP50 Series MPEG4 Web/IP Camera

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LN-IP50 Series MPEG4 Web/IP Camera
Small size, low power
High performance video codec, suitable for network transporting
Automatic white balance, electronic snapshot, automatic lens and environment adjustment, automatic gains control

Product Model Definition:
General Module:IP50
General+Alarm Module :IP50A
General+Wireless LAN(802.11) +Alarm Module:IP50WA
General+Wireless CDMA Module:IP60C
General+SD Memory Module:IP50MS
General+CIF Memory Module:IP50MC

Product Features:
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio Codec: G.722
Support D1, HalfD1, CIF compression resolution
Built-in Web server , It fully supports IE monitoring, configuration and updating
Support internet connection assigned with dynamic IP address
Support audio input and output
Supports the three-level password protect
Alarm detect :Alarm input and output can support mobile sensing, Video Lost, date, time, and event trigger.
Alarm action: (Relay Output control the peripheral equipment
Support image shield
Remote snap shot and video recording
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LN-IP50 Series
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