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We are a newly Fund Management, a Trader for Institutional Investors. In according to the expansion of our investment management operation with world's largest trading platforms, we are looking for BG and SBLC for credit enhancement.

All loans granted by our lending banks will be secured by (1) assignment of cash portfolios at banks (the invested cash) , (2) assignment of casj flow (return) from the investment and (3) assignment of acceptable BG or SBLC for credit enhancement.

In addition to that, we may also need additional loans/creditlines from reputable lending banks with the proposed security as above.

All our investment proposals are valuated, justifified, rationalised and valuated following the international standard practices with debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) is established to a minimum 3.5x to assure the repayment and payment of principal and interest due at maturity to assure the return of the BG or SBLC prior to maturiy.

Any legitimate sources and provider of BG, SBLC and Loans are welcomed.