Sell LPG/CNG conversion switch

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CNG/LPG Emluator
Product Name: CNG/LPG Emulator
Place of Origin: China
When gas is as fuel, the emulator system cuts off oil of injection cars and
gives the emulated signal to the ECU of original cars to make good operation.
main function
1, The oil-muzzle stops working when you use gas .
2, It is suitable for high-resistance muzzle

Timing advance processor (LPG/CNG)
It is used to spark in advance to assure natural gas burning steadily to
improve the engine power in the usage of natural gas.
Spark advancer
main function
1, Changing the spark advancer quantity when it uses gas .
2, The signal of solar term door is positive signal

Pressure gauges sensor (LPG/CNG)
CNG pressure sensor is consists of pressure meter and sensor shell, CNG . . . . . . . .

LPG/CNG conversion switch
1) Oil/gas option and indicate all types of fuels
2) Five lightening diode pipes indicate gas capacity in the cylinder
3) Under the condition of gas option, petrol operates and converts into gas