Sell LPI6-SD Accurate Analyzer Card, accurate desktop&laptop

LPI6-SD Accurate Analyzer Card, accurate desktop&laptop You May Also Be Interested In: code 4 desktop laptop ecs pc analyzer version 2
1. No need software.
2. Not only can diagnose the computer malfunction, also can surveillance

whether CPU run the command, so that help you remove the most headachy fault which

sometimes normal but sometimes wrong, as well as system halted.
3. Thoroughly put an end to initial code.
4. shows no when CPU stop running whenever power on or running. (such as

got system halted when playing web games or view the website or when typing)
5. The compatibility is infrequent in history, (as well as mainboard ECS

SIS671, this kind of mainboard is the upgraded. There may more and more such kind

of advanced mainboard, but not compatible with old version 2-bit or even 4-bit of

PC analyzer card. ) however, our new series of testing card and stable testing and

malfunction diagnose card can do it as well.
6. Easy to operate. user's guide in more than 6 languages. (only English

instruction available now. instruction in others languages is to be continued )
7. never stop when the code goes at 26.
8. First need to confirm cpu is working while repairing computer. Our cards

no need LED, if display "no" means CPU doen't work.
9. Adopt special compact layout. Running stably.