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>We are the purchase representative of Chinese refinery, we need large
>quantity of low sulfur straight run fuel oil, LPFO, LSWR and
cst180, M100.
>1) It should be straight run, the sulfur content should be lower
>than0.5, metal(vanadium and sodium should be lower than 30) , the density
>lower than 0.92.
>2) One year contract,30,000 to 50,000MT per month, the first
>shipment will be 15,000MT.
>3) The destination port :CIF China Tianjin
>4) We will provide LC issued by Chinese bank, non-transferable,
>non-revolving, the LC will be issued each month, if confirmation is
>neeed, the confirmation fee will be paid by the seller.
>5) We require inspection by SGS assigned by the seller, the
>certificate will be the LC negotiate document.
>6) If the seller count in barrel, please convert to metric tons
>according to the density.
>If the above requirement could be complied, please send us your
>specification and offer.