Sell LSI 21320 dual channel Ultra 320 64-bit SCSI

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Product Specifications:
The LSI21320 IS adapter uses the LS153C1030 PCI-X to Ultra320 SCSI controller to provide a low cost PCI or PCI-X SCSI solution for computer users.
>Ultra 320 SCSI, PCI-X 133MHz
>LSI Part # LSI21320-IS
>Dell Part # 3X344
>Supports all major operating systems

>Supports a single RAID volume RAID 0, 1 or 1E
>Ultra320 SCSI, PCI-X 133MHz
>640 MBps of Ultra320 speeds on two channels
>Fusion-MPT architecture featuring 100,000 IO/s
>Connects up to 30 internal/external connects such as JBOD, RAID, hard disk drives
>Supports all major operating systems
>Supports Sun and Intel based systems

>The LSI Logic LSI21320-R Ultra320 SCSI Dual Channel Host Adapter is ideal for use in high performance workstations and entry-level to mid-range servers
>With 320 MBps and capability of up to 100,000 I/Os per second, this adapter is ideal for transferring high speed and high capacity data
>Popular applications include, data mining, Internet, email, graphics and other data intensive applications
>With PCI-X throughput of 1056 MBps, this adapter also capitalizes on maximum system performance for those systems needing it; yet is backward compatible with existing PCI systems
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