Sell LSI Mega RAID SCSI 320-1

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With support for 64-bit addressing and a full RAID feature set, the Mega RAID. SCSI 320-1 delivers unsurpassed data throughput and fault tolerance for your mid-range server or performance workstation. Quick installation and setup capabilities along with easy-to-use management utilities make the Mega RAID SCSI 320-1 the first choice of OEMs, system integrators and value added resellers (VARs) worldwide.

Designed around LSI Logic's next-generation I/O technology - Fusion-MPT- the Mega RAID SCSI 320-1 leverages a streamlined firmware-level programming interface and advanced hardware designs to offer unequalled I/O efficiency and performance. The Mega RAID SCSI 320-1 also incorporates a space-saving MD2 (low-profile PCI) form factor, increasing available space, even in the most limited server and workstation enclosures.

>One single-channel LSI53C1020 Ultra320 SCSI controller
>IA-64 ready
>Intel GC80302 integrated I/O processor
>64-bit, 66 MHz PCI
>Integrated 64 MB ECC SDRAM cache memory
>Advanced management and configuration utilities
>Supports up to 40 logical drives per controller
>Auto resume during array reconstruction
>Background initialization for Quick RAID 5 setup
>Flex RAID.:
-Online capacity expansion
-Online RAID level migration

>Fast Ultra320 Performance
>Intelligent IOP-Powered RAID Solution
>Array Availability in minutes
>FlexRAID Support
>Battery backup unit available
>Low profile form factor
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