Sell LXK Series Rotary-Kneading Granulator

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It is a new generation of Rotary-Kneading Granulator, is developed upon the needs in production of tablets. It can work as both granulator and pelleter in features of even granulation, efficient in work, dense granules, no dead space on work, reasonable structure, easy cleaning and movable way. In accordance with GMP Requirements, it is used in production of granule preparation in trades of pharmacy, food process and chemicals etc.

When it works, this set, with the screen and pelleter rotate separately and move oppositely to each other, scrapes the material into the pelleter chamber with the material-feed board; And then, with the screen and pelleter cutters rotating oppositely to each other, it presses the material out of the screen slots, while the material is made to cylinder slivers. The cutters outside the screen cylinder cut the slivers to even granules.

screen-cylinder diameter
Motors power
Production capactiy

250 mm
4.0 KW
400 -600kg /h
1000x680x 1200mm

350 mm
5.5 KW
600 -800kg /h
1300x800x 1300mm