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Brief Introduction to the Product:
The LXT-J flexible jig and fixture elements system is our newly developed flexible fixture product, which is a kind of precise, universal, high efficient and reusable modern fixture system and its a new substitute of the existing traditional slot-series fixture and hole-series fixture. The LXT-J has overcome the shortcomings of lower precision, less rigidity and weaker strength of the slot-series fixtures and the shortcomings of insufficient adjustable capability of the hole-series fixtures. The LXT-J has advantages of better re-adjustable performances of the slot-series fixtures and high precision and strength of the hole-series fixtures. The LXT-J jigs and fixtures have been manufactured conforming to the international standard ISO8526-1, GB and the enterprise standard Q/MYLXT001-2003. Our products have passed the nations Science and Technology Fruit Authentication and been listed as one of the important projects translating science and technology fruits into projects of 2004, as well as one of the nations Sparkling Projects. At present, the products have been adopted in space industry, aero industry, medical instrument manufacturing, etc.
Technical Theory:
As a new type of modular fixture system, the LXT-J flexible jig and fixture elements system has been researched, developed and manufactured according to our corporations own patent, which consists of all kinds of pre-made and reusable standard elements. The fixture will be assembled according to the requirements of the machined work piece, by choosing a part of relative elements in the system and through speedy assembling and adjusting. After being used, the fixture could be dismantled and cleaned for reusing. You may connect the elements by positioning pins and flat keys. The pin keys and the offset pin keys can guarantee the precise positioning between the holes and the slots. The element could be continuously and horizontally moved along the fastening line and in this way, the space angle of the elements could be adjusted optionally.
Benefits from applying LXT-J:
Universal and Multi-functional:
The LXT-J could meet all machining requirement of different machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, drilling machines, boring machines and could be substitutes of the special fixtures. The LXT-J could adapt to not only the modern machine tools such as machining centers, numerical controlled machine tools, etc. , but also the traditional machine tools. It could meet the production requirement of not only a single machined work piece or multi-kind but small batch of, but also the production of mass batches of work pieces. It could be widely used in all machinery manufacturing industries such as space industry, aero Industry, marine manufacturing industry, nuclear industry, machine tool manufacturing industry, meters, medical instrument, etc.
High Efficient, Economic:
Compared with the special fixtures, the LXT-J has apparent efficiency technically and economically. It can save 90% of the designing and anufacturing working hours, shorten 85% of the fixtures manufacturing period, save 95% of steel, reduce 70% of the fixtures storing costs and lower 80% of the fixtures cost. One complete set of the LXT-J system could substitute one complete set of the slot-series and one complete set of the hole-series fixtures. So its efficiency could be raised 1~2 times of the existing traditional modular fixtures. The LXT-J could be compatible and could be transitionally assembled with the existing traditional fixtures, so that the existing traditional fixtures could be updated step by step without any losing economically. To adopt the LXT-J nationwide will bring along several billion yuan (RMB) of economic benefits to the domestic society.
Convenient and Speedy:
The LXT-J adopts rigidity positioning assembly, that could leave out toilful and time-consuming measuring and adjusting and it could be assembled on the base plate within 2 minutes, in order to reduce the machine tools idle time and increase the fixtures assembling and adjusting speed. The assembly of the LXT-J could be moved to the screen by means of the precise CAD (Computer Aided Design) system, so as to meet the special requirement of the CAM(Computer Aided Manufacture) system to the fixture.
1. Position tolerance between hole and slot: 10.01
2. Angle tolerance of all kinds of positioning surfaces: 15"~ 11'
3. When the roughness on the surface of the element is Ra 0.4, the parallel degree, vertical degree and lean degree of each working surface are Grade 4, GB1184-84.
4. The surface hardness of the precise element: HRC58 ~ 62.
5. Generally, the elements assembling precision: 10.02; The precisely adjusting and assembling precision: 10.01.
Technical Characteristic:
1. One system contains 4 types and the different types could be assembled together. The system has 4 kinds of specifications: Small(M8) , Middle(M12) , Large(M16) and Heavy(M20) . The 4 kinds of elements could be not only assembled each other, but also compatible with the existing traditional fixtures.
2. Hole and slot combination, convenient and speedy assembly:
The design of hole and slot combination will be convenient to the fixtures assembly and could realize horizontal and continuous moving of the workpieces position and optional adjusting of the space angle.
3. Higher precision, better rigidity, stable and reliable:
The system adopts pins and keys for connection to guarantee the fixtures rigidity; the optional adjusting of the position and angle could guarantee the positioning precision.
4. Precise and skilful structures for universal use:
The LXT-J could adapt to the requirements of machining of all kinds of machine tools, welding, checking and testing and it could meet the machining requirement of the complex work pieces.
5. Less types and specifications, resulting in less investing cost:
There are only more than 300 kinds of elements for the LXT-J because of its precise and skilful design. But only one complete set of the LXT-J could substitute the two systems of the slot-series and the hole-series fixtures in which there are totally six types of elements.
System structures:
Basal body elements: Fixed on the working table of the machine tool and used as the carrier of the fixtures and the work pieces.
Base elements: As the base of the fixtures, through which the other elements could be connected together.
Supporting elements: Main structure element, used to assemble all kinds of required main structures.
Positioning elements: Used for positioning all kinds of elements to assemble fixtures and machined work pieces positioning structure.
Guiding elements: To guarantee the cutters precisely positioning when machining.
Clamping elements: Used to hold the work piece tightly on the fixtures, so as to keep the work pieces position remaining unchanged.
Fastening elements: Used to connect and fasten the assembling elements.
Miscellaneous elements: Elements not belonging to the above ones.
Subassemblies: Consisting of some kinds of the above elements that wont
be dismantled and acting as one element.
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