Sell LZ-ice cube making machine

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lz-ice maker
The series are suitable to larger meeting and commercial use.

Each unit of lz-ice maker can make ice cube within 15 minutes at a time.

It can produce three different sizes of ice cube and requires no plumbing.

Steel crust ensures the solidity and longeval usage life.

The indicator can show the filling requirement as well as the ice storage cabinet is full.

All designs adopt automatic tap water supply way.

Notes: the exterior design of each item is same

Model: LZ-26
Ice making Capacity: 26kg/24h
Ice store:6 kg
Power consumes: 220W
NW/GW: 32/36 kg
Dimension; 420*528*655 mm
Loading quantity: 144pcs/20' container

Model: LZ-50
Ice making Capacity: 50kg/24h
Ice store: 12kg
Power consumes: 280W
NW/GW: 45/50kg
Dimension: 496*562*793mm
Loading quantity: 64pcs/20' container

Model: LZ-120
Ice making Capacity: 120kg/24h
Ice store: 18kg
Power consumes: 780W
NW/GW: 45/50kg
Dimension: 655*613*920mm
Loading quantity: 48pcs/20' container

Model: LZ-130
Ice making Capacity: 130kg/24h
Ice store: 20kg
Power consumes: 780W
NW/GW: 61/65 kg
Dimension: 655*613*920mm
Loading quantity: 48pcs/20' container

Voltage: 220/110V
Refrigerant: R12/R134a
Water supply way: Automatic tap water supply