Sell Label Adhesive Special For Glass Bottle Such As Beer Bottle

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Main Technical Data Sheet:
1. Appearance: White to slight yellow color
2. PH: 6-8
3. Represent Viscosity: 50000-90000CPS (You can adjust according to
the speed of attaching label machine, season or factory requirement)
4. Alkali Abstersion: 3 minutes peel-off (2.5% NaOH solvent , 800)
5. Low Temperature Resistance: No peel-off at -180
6. Freezing Water Resistance: Approved from the test that storing in
refrigeratory for 15 days
7. Normal Water Resistance: above 3 days

Application to all kinds PET beverage bottles, glass bottle such as beer bottle, wine bottle and so on. Fit for 40000-60000 bottles/hour high-speed attaching label machine.

Good humid adhesion, fast drying, fit for hot or cold, dry or wet glass bottle attaching label. Good appetency to aluminum foil label, adhering effectively.

No need to add any diluent, can use after heating, and can clean the attaching label machine with warm or hot water.
ISO 14001&3A2004, ISO9001&3A 2000, SGS certificate of quality and no