Sell Laboratory Apparatus for Optical Fiber Transmission with Sound Signal

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The optical fiber is a wave-guide used to guide the light wave and is a new transmission media. The light wave is used as the carrier wave of optical fiber communication that is a contact method when the optical fiber is used as the transmission media. The research effort to optical fiber used as the transmission media of light is a hard course. After the Doctor Gao Kun, the Chinese of British Nationality published a paper possessed of the historical significance in 1966, in which the possibility of realization for low-loss transmission information with optical fiber was illuminated theoretically, the development effort to optical fiber was started expeditiously. After 1970 when is reputed as the first year of optical fiber communication, the optical fiber system is developed onto the practical stage with the development of optical fiber communication technique.
With the development of optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensing techniques, the optical fiber technique is promoted to applying in many fields. The optical fiber communication technique that the optical fiber used as the information transmission media not only is an important symbol of new technical revolution but also is a main transmission means in network of future information society.
The students are able to know that how to modulate, transmit and demodulate the light wave through the test for optical fiber transmission with sound signal so that we have had an acquaintance with optical fiber communication primarily. We can know the optical fiber transmission system structure through experimentation and be familiar with the testing method for basic property and main features of semiconductor electrolight/photoelectricity devices as well as have an acquaintance with the commissioning technique of optical fiber transmission system with sound signal.
The following experiments can be carried out when this apparatus is used:
1. Measurement for electro light features of LD transmitted optical fiber components;
2. Measurement for features and responsibility of silicon photoelectric diode (SPD) ;
3. Measurement for relationship between LD bais current and maximum modulated amplitude of non-discontinued distortion.
4. Measurement for amplitude-frequency features of modulation and amplification circuit of optical signal transmitter;
5. Optical signal reception experimentation;
6. Amplification of optical signal and transmission of speech signal;