Sell Laborotary instrument, Cooling Incubator

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Serve for environmental protection hygieng and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, workstock and aquatic products stc, which applied in scientific research institute, college and manufacture department, It is a dedicated constant-temperature equipment for analysis of water body , BOD test, cultivation and storage of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms, plant cultivation and seed-breeding test.
1. Specular stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves in the chamber is djustable.
2. Microprocessor temperature controller ensures a precise and reliable control.
3. Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen. (Option)
4. Recorder and printer are options which can print or record setting parameters and trace variational curves of temperature(4~20mA standard signal) . (Option)