Sell Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Belt Making Machine

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The single wing labyrinth drip irrigation belt making machine is an ideal piece of
water-saving irrigation equipment. Specially used to produce water-saving irrigation
belts used in agriculture to save energy and increase yield, the machine's
finished products play an important role in reducing water loss during the process
of transporting water from the water source to fields.

This production line is an environmentally-friendly set of equipment consisting of
a single-screw extruder, vacuum sizing device, cooling and shaping device, traction
device and automatic wrapping machine.

Main functions:
1) Producing water-saving irrigation pipes
2) Drip irrigation pipes used in greenhouses and farming (orchards, vineyards,
cotton farms)
3) Especially suitable for arid regions and harsh environments

1) Single-wing maze type drip irrigation belt for a turbulent flow state with
pressure compensation function
2) Maze flow path and drop bore shaped through hot pressure vacuum
3) Accurate manufacturing
4) Many water entrances that are clog-resistant; even and consistent water
5) World-class belt measuring controls
6) Intelligent and reliable control
7) Main electrical components, shaper and tractor all have frequency conversion
control systems to easily adjust and use less energy
8) Extruder screw bolt features special design for better plasticity of raw materials
9) Heating temperature of extruder and model head feature an
automatically-controlled temperature maintenance system
10) Drip irrigation pipes can repair tension blemishes effectively
11) Automatically calculates length of drip irrigation pipe
12) Easy to install and maintain
13) Extruder and shaper can be moved or adjusted freely without inconvenience
14) OEM service available, custom specifications and parameters accepted
ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011&3A 2000