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Also called (Beta) -D-galactose lactase, this product is mainly used in the dairy industry, which serves to turn low-sweetness and low-solubility lactose into monosaccharide (glucose and galactose) that is sweeter and more soluble and reduce the possibility of the separation of the lactose crystal from ice creamer, concentrate milk and filled milk and increase their sweetness. In ferment and bakery industries, it is also used to help lactose that is not usable for ordinary yeasts to be used as it is hydrolyzed into glucose. As a number of infants may suffer from diarrhea after they are fed milk for absence of normal lactase in their intestines, in many European countries, lactase and lysozyme are often added to milk for infants.

Activity: more than3000u/g and more than5000u/g
Preservation rate of enzyme activity (half a year under low temperature) : more than85% and more than90%
Water: less than8%

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