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Lactose Powder ( Edible Grade)
100 to 300 Metric tons (possibly the quantity could be more depending

Product Specifications for Lactose (Edible grade)

1. Physical:

Colour Light Yellow
Flavour Clean
Odour Clean

2. Chemical:

Alfa Lactose Monohydrate percent Min. 99.0
Free moisture percent Max. 0.5
Protein percent Max. 0.4
Ash, percent Max. 0.2
Heavy Metals ppm Max. 5.0

3. Microbiological:

Standard Plate Count /g Less than 1000
Yeast & Mould /g Less than 100
Coliforms / g Absent
E. Coli / g Absent
Salmonella / 100g Absent

4. Product Application:

Good flavour generator & enhancer Good fermentation aid
Good pigment absorber Good drying agent
Infant foods

5. Packaging:

Primary packing: 25 Kg LDPE liners.
Secondary packing: 1 x 25 Kg multi layer Kraft paper bags with inner lining of HDPE woven sack. No staples or metallic fasteners.

6. Storage:

At cool and dry condition.

7. Shelf Life:

One year from the date of packing
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