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I have now obtained kill space at a brand new abattoirs in NSW Australia.

I am a breeder of a new type of meat sheep that are suitable for the drier range country in Australia.
This type of country has be known for years to have the best eating meat as no chemicals are used to produce these special lambs.

They are bred to be marbled but have no exteria fat that needs to be trimmed off.

They are lot fed fed six weeks on a spesial mix which changes the mutton smell.

Any butchers interested obtaing this new lamb product will be traned by my experts in the new cuts suitable for the modern working housewife.

The meat can now be provac (sealed from the air) packed and air freighted to keep the delicious taste or frozen and cuts made six different ways and boxed.

This Lamb is specially bred and butchered with the Hotels and Restaurant market in mind.

I will also be killing lot fed yearling steers for the same markets as the Lot fed Lamb.

I also am able to market Beef and Lamb Tripe as well as cows and bulls to complete your orders.

This gives the overseas butchers a chance to provide top quality assured meat at a reasonable price which will be coming direct from selected farms with A1 husbandry.
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