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Lamina Chromatography Silica Gel is white powder; there are two kinds of thin layer chromatography silica gel products, namely, the common type & high performance type. Its main composition is SiO2. nH2O. It can dissolve in water and not organic solvents, but dissolves in hydrofluoric acid and strong caustic alkali liquor. It can adsorb humidity in the air.

Membrane Solutions lamina chromatography silica gel takes excellent lamina chromatography silica gel raw material (average aperture is 60A) through several fine procedures such as grilling, grain classification, eliminating impurity and packaging. Lamina chromatography silica gel has lots of merits such as even granularity, high purity, good adsorption, strong election and stable quality, which are the best products at present.

Membrane Solutions Chromatography Silica gel is available in specs contains 10-205m, 20-405m, 10-405m, 0-105m, 3-85m, 5-105m or designed according to requirement.

 Consistency, high quality
 Its main constituent is silicon dioxide
 Homogeneous size, definite aperture configuration
 Doesnt dissolve in water and organic impregnant
 High specific surface
 Rich fine porous structure
 High specific surface area
 Strong adsorption
Due to the duration time difference of absorption to different substances composition, it can reach the purpose of separation and purification of mixed composition of different substances. The product is widely used in the analysis and separation of various natural and synthetic matters, and also in qualitative and quantitative analysis of medicine, pesticides, Chinese herbal medicines, petroleum chemical products, food and foodstuff and organic chemical products. Lamina chromatography silica gel can also be used as carrier of dry-clean agent.
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