Sell Laminate flooring, Diamond surface

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Laminate flooring, Diamond surface

Size:1212*126mm 805*126mm Thickness:8-18mm

Diamond Surface Laminated Flooring is pressed under high pressure with multiply quarter-sawn and cross-bonded real wood . lt could well prevent itself from any deformation of the structure layers.
Sturdy and durable
Laminated Flooring with oppugning layers have changed the disadvantage of common laminated floorings bad oppugnation. Theability of oppugnation of Diamond Surface Laminated Flooring is five times as common laminated flooring.
Natural durable and enjoy longevity
The raw material is valuable wood . the surface of the Laminated Flooring equipped with Aluminum Oxide has changed the shortcoming in color-change and easy to be damaged of common laminated flooring.
Environment concern, Cherish ilfe
Only imported glues are applied . The released limit of free formaldehyde conforms to EU E1 standards . lt is friendly to the environment protection and good for your health.
Streamline design, Suitable for Geothermal
Our wood flooring bottom surface has crisscross cut line , so geothermal power can freely flow . The even radiation of temperature makes the room feel like spring.
Superior equipment, excellent handicraft
Applying an advanced assembly line, we produce excellent laminated flooring.
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