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1) Thickness:
a) Glass thickness: 6mm-50mm
b) PVB thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, 3.80mm
2) Max. size: 2,440 x 5400mm
3) Min. size: 150 x 150mm
4) Safety: if impacted by outside forces, it shatters but never splinters
for protecting objects inside
5) Sound insulation
6) UV-proof: laminated glass insulates most UV while allowing visible
light to enter, thereby protecting furniture, carpeting and indoor
decorations against aging and fading
7) Bulletproof. High intensity glass can be made by adding more PVBs
and glass of different thickness
8) Except of transparent PVB, we offer milk white and other various
9) Laminated glass is made up of 2 pieces of glass, bonded together with
a PVB interlayer, which gives the glass its strength. Laminated glass
blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
10) Applications:
a) Sloped/overhead glazing
b) Museums, prisons, government buildings
c) Jewelry stores, banks, airports
d) Safety glazing applications
e) Schools, hospitals, hotels
f) Interior partitions, office buildings
g) Furniture and interior decoration

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