Sell Laminating Machine (A-120)

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(1) An assistant device for household and office purpose.
(2) A device of innovation in top quality, it can make an
easy lamination for photos, greeting cards and important
working information and data or any document or paper
you want for a lamination.
(3) A design of advanced roller bringing a good
lamination effect would not develop blisters and makes
the product durable for use.
(1) Present temperature control.
(2) Present temperature control and non adjustable.

Laminating Size 4"W6" Laminating Machine
Laminating Film to Use Name Card (60W95) 2"W3",3"W5",4"W6"
Max. Laminating Width 120mm
Motor Type Phase Synchronous Motor
Power Supply 100V,110V,120V,220V,240V,50/60HZ
Power Consumption 60W
Temperature Control PTC Heater
Roller System Low impurities silicon rubber hot-roller
Dimensions 220mm(L)W110mm(W)W75mm(H)