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PINGDA Laminator Can conveniently to each kind of goods and so on documents, credential, picture, picture, menu, label, product label carry on the rubber, after the process rubber machine rubber goods not only has been able the waterproofing, to guard against the modification, to guard against the pollution, moreover also can strengthen the original manuscript the intensity, artistic, enables the original manuscript the permanent preservation.
"PINGDA" Laminator selects the import silica gel sizing material and the adhesive passes through the silica gel rubber roller which the special craft makes, can in 250 0 under long-term steady work, not wear, does not get older, the elasticity is good, may satisfy social all the various trades' and occupations' each kind of demand.
Designs artisticly, the variety is complete, the unique design can suit each kind to protect request and so on card film thickness, intensity, temperature, enables the envelope to obtain a better protection.
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