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Plastic sealing machine:
In order to have a perfect sealing result, our technicians have been devoted to numerous researches and tests, and made two models of high quality plastic sealing machines matched with our laminating films. They are made of imported silica gel and adhesive. The roller is wear resistant and flexible, and is able to operate stably at 2000C for a long period.

Characteristics of WZ320 and WZ330 plastic sealing machines:
(1) Three-minute quick infrared heating
(2) Four pieces of fined white rollers
(3) Plastic sealing and cold mounting
(4) Quite permanent magnet synchronous motor
(5) Because of short-circuit / open-circuit protective device, it is highly safe
(6) Binding width: 320mm, 330mm

Able to seal all documents, certificates, photos, pictures, menus and labels, which could protect articles from water, doodle, and corrosion; it is widely applied to all related industries such as photography, copy, and familial and commercial use