Sell Lamp Pump Solid Laser Marking Machine

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HG Laser ten years Galvo laser marking technique accumulation and large-scale produce, make this machine with the best quality and price ratio. And until now, there are about thousands of these machines in the market.

This machine is easy to operate and it applies in many fields, so it can mark on many kinds of materials. This machine uses professional marking software which has an important function. The repeat precision and orientation precision are very high. This machine also has high marking speed and the marking effect is very good. This machines capability and reliability are also very high.

HG Laser provides, according to different customers demand, three types of this laser machine.

They are high collocate type, standard collocate type and economic collocate type.

Application Fields and Applicable Materials:

Applicable materials: Metal (including rare metal) , anodized and coated material, plastic, rubber, resin, ceramic etc Marking on these materials can get the high differentiate ration and beautiful images.

Main application fields: Automobile parts, motorcycle parts, aero-parts, IC chip, food, cigarette, mobile key, battery, IT products, hardware, tool, stainless steel instruments, electronic production, medical instruments, sanitary ware, clock watch, bearing, wire, cable cloth decoration etc



Max Laser power:

Laser wavelength:

Laser repeat frequency:

Marking scope:
70 (standard) , 110, 175, 220 (optional)

Making depth:
<=0. .2mm(according to the material)

Making line speed:

Min line width :

Min character:

Repeat precision:

Power supply:
AC380V/50Hz 4.5KW AC220V/50Hz 4.5KW

Outlook measure:

Control system:

Cooling system:
540*580*850 (mm)