Sell Lamp Screen

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1. A large area of display system is composed of more than 16 tubes, which can produce the advertising effect like a neon lamp.
2. A set of built-in computer synchronous or asynchronous control system may make any graph, text, animation, etc. in the computer, which can be displayed on the tube screen;
3. Circuit board with colorful chips is designed in 16 paragraphs, 16 dot matrix display, Gray-scale Levels are 16 Levels, The three primary colors of red, green and blue can display 40K kinds of colors;
4. Long life-span, energy saving and environmental protection, soft light color, high-brightness;
5. Protection Level is IP65, anti-ultraviolet ray illumination, waterproof, moisture-proof, a new generation of light source of high-tech products and has been examined by the National various authorities.
Scope of Application
The product is particularly suitable for outdoor large-scale dynamic advertisement, an ideal substitute to neon light; and is also applicable to upscale entertainment places such as DISCO bar, dance halls etc. , its installed on the wall indoors and plays a good background decorative role in enriching the indoor lighting manifestations.