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Product Name: Lanolin
CAS No. : 8006-54-0
Synonyms:Lanoline; Wool grease; Wool wax; Wool alcohol; Wool fat
UN No. : 15050000


Items Crude wool grease Lanolin -anhydrous
BP98 Lanolin -anhydrous
cosmetic grade Lanolin -anhydrous
tech grade
Acid Value <=6 <=1.5 <=1.5 <=3
Saponification 92-106 92-106 92-106 92-106
Loss on drying(%) <=2.5 <=0.5 <=0.5 <=1
Iodine Value \ 18-38 18-35 18-35
Residue on Ignition% \ <=0.15 <=0.15 <=0.2
Melting point (0) 36-42 36-42 36-42 36-42
Water absorption \ 200-250 200-250 \
Chloride % \ <=0.035 <=0.035 <=0.035

Packing:50kgs drum.

LANOLIN is the precious oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep!/s wool. When the sheep is shorn each year (the sheep!/s hair cut) the wool is washed, processed & the Lanolin Oil extracted & refined.
The Lanolin is the Sheep!/s natural nourisher & protector against the extremes of its environment
These oils of Lanolin are extremely similar to those natural oils we secrete from within our own skin.
Thus Lanolin is the only animal (human compatible) oil obtainable without having to kill or dissect the animal.

While most moisturising cremes & lotions use as their base oils, either vegetable or mineral oils, they don!/t have Lanolin!/s compatibility to those oils of our skin. We use some mineral & vegetable oils as supplements.

But Lanolin in our opinion forms the greatest replacement of our endlessly leached skin oils (washing, pollution, air-conditioning etc) . Leached due to our environmental harshness & modern way of life.

The use of LANOLIN in cosmetics and skin care has a history longer than almost any other ingredient. A century of scientific investigation has evolved qualities, traditionally unparalleled in their stringency and surety.
The performance of this quite remarkable substance and it!/s many derivatives has been endlessly demonstrated down through the ages.
Nature is abundant with materials which are beneficial to humans & their well-being .
LANOLIN is such a material. Predating Science, it was never "invented" & has never been bettered for versatility. It is the ultimate emollient.
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