Sell Lanolin anhydrous

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We specialize in wool fat, the annual output of industrial and refined wool fat are 1000tons, we own advanced analytic and test equipment, the product are exported to Korea, Europe , USA and Southeast Asia.

Lanolin is produced from Wool grease by a series of neutralization, removal of soaps, filtration, bleaching and deodorization. The result is a light yellow wax (Lanolin anhydrous)

Sheep are generally treated with regular chemical dips against bugs and to protect them from diseases. In order to further reduce pesticide contaminantes, a special treatment is applied to high quality lanolin. In contrast to other pesticide-reduced lanolin qualitys, our product has a very low Peroxide value and a pale color, as well as no odor.

Lanolin anhydr is a perfect softener for the human skin and is absorbed quickly. It penetrates the skin and reaches the stratum corneum without disturbing the skin4s breathability.

This makes it a valuable natural ingredient for the cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry whose complex nature made lanolin impossible to be produced synthetically.

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