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This is a newly developed unique product helps to cool down the heat generated in laptop computers.

CoolPAK is made by environmental friendly substance known as Thermal Absorbent Crystallized Compound (TACC) which is in crystallized form when in room temperature (25 deg C and below ) and liquidized when absorb heat from it surrounding. The heat absorbent rate of TACC is approximately 4 time of water. When resting the laptop computer on the CoolPAK. It will absorb heat generated from the laptop computer, keeping your laptop computer cool and let your laptop computer operates at its optimize temperature for 10 hours continuously.

Advantages of CoolPAK
Does not require power
Does not require freezing
Convenient and foldable. Fit into all laptop carry bags.
No moving part, no irritating noise
Does not occupy USB nor PCMCIA slot
Cool laptop evenly
Unlimited use
Lower cost

CoolPAK comes in 3 various sizes,
CoolPAK 12 : 310mm x 250mm
CoolPAK 15 : 360mm x 310mm
CoolPAK 17 : 430mm x 310mm

We are seeking world wide distributors for our products. For more product information and let me know should you have any questions.

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