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iDesk turns your Laptop computer into a powerful desk computer without a large & expensive monitor and dock.

Its sleek minimalistic ergonomical design makes it a practical and elegant addition to your home office, workspace or it can be a light and versatile travel companion.

As well as its visually pleasing lines it also serves a very practical purpose. It increases the number of USB ports available from your laptop, uses minimal desk space and is ergonomically designed to help prevent injuries commonly associated with portable computer usage. You can also connect RJ45 audio and mic in cables easily and enjoy quality sound from the built in speakers.

It can position your laptop at six different angles, has a stretchable file clipper for easy reading and enables better airflow around your computer for maximum performance & longevity.

It also meets the latest CE, UL, EU and RoHS standards

To tell you the truth we just love this product and its just the kind of innovative quality affordable product we want to bring to our customers. And as always with every product if you arent satisfied for any reason we will refund your money.