Sell Laptop Ultrasound Scanner RSD-RP6A(HUMAN)

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1.2-probe connectors for wide-band/multi-frequency convex, linear, transvaginal and micro convex probes to obtain quality image in any parts of the patient.
2. Extensive software packages including Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology, Cardiology, Small parts etc. , 7 methods(GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, LMP) provided for the measure of fetus age and weight, the user could measure womb, left/right ovary, indometrium, bladder, left/right kidney, prostate, left/right atrium, left/right ventricle, valve and cardium, etc. Report page available.
3. Up to 3-6 obstetric measurement methods available or the user could define it by himself for specific clinical requirements.
4. In single B mode, enlarge the selected area by pressing down the key Zoom In. The enlarged area will be automatically optimized or have a Picture-in-Picture display.
5. Cineloop: up to 256 frames, in the meantime, dozens of images could be permanently saved so that typical diseases could be gathered for further study in the future.