Sell Large Barrel Fine Carbide Bit

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To pay attention to health, and pay attention to the detail, all of them are start from your beautiful nails. Enjoy your quality life, create the beautiful myth for you; lights your pretty elegant demeanor, increases naturally thick color for you.

Shanghai Well-Sun Precision Tool Co. , Ltd had recently promoted the new tools for nail pruning implements---- Tungsten Carbide Nail-Drill. It was unique design from Europe and America and bring the relaxed happy experience for your and make you have the elegant nail. The products will be single packing and take them clean and health.

Shanghai Well-Sun Precision Tool Co. , Ltd produces gold-plated the nail-burr revolving file selects the high quality ultrafine grain tungsten carbide is a raw material, undergoes the polish, the tool face is sharp, the knife edge is balanced; US armor revolving file surface after gold coating processing, not only the radiation speed is quick, moreover wear resistant, the sound is light, for you different experience and feeling. The company has 8 kind of same age products now, the design is not perfect, can decorate the attractive nail modelling which sells you to satisfy.

We not only pay attention to you to refer to the character and style, pays attention to your foot's scenery. The US armor revolving file can also remove the thick nail level, foot Lao Pi facilely, shameless, lets the armor surface lithe clean, but also the foot department delicate smooth flesh, lets your both feet also energy flow light overflow the color.