Sell Large Fingerprint Safe (JZT-560-80S)

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High technology: Fingerprint identification, which is irreplaceable;
Easy to operate: without password, and open with a finger touching;
High safety: Designed with anti-break open and anti-lost functions, high performance, and cant login as well as delete fingerprints in the absence of the owner;
Permissions setting: Sub-rights management, many options to open the door;
Double door applications: A user permission binds with a door, to achieve double sharing the safe;
Core technology: Having our own intellectual property rights of the fingerprint recognition algorithm, and the algorithm is high efficiency, good fault-tolerant;
Low power consumption: the super-stable and low-power circuit design, has under-voltage alarm prompted, and ensures that can use 50 times after the alarm;
Alarm functions: Anti-theft alarm function, the safe automatic alarm when shaking, moving, and being broken open illegally;
Flexible and adjustable: Setting movable clapboard, decorative carpet, and the storage space can be more flexible;
Strong humanized: LCD and voice prompt to operate, user-friendly interface, easy to use;
High reliability: Setting standby device for emergency open, this makes the use more assured;
Can do customization: According to customers requirements to do specification boxes, with vary colors;

Key indicators Specific parameters
Safe structure Specifications 800(H) x 430(W) x 390(D) mm
Thickness 8mm/door; 2mm/body
Net weight 64kg
Configuration One drawer, one shelf
Fingerprint indicators FAR (False Acceptance Rate) <=0.0001%
FRR (False Rejection Rate) <=0.01%
Fingerprint recognition speed <=1s
Storage capacity 120 pcs
Anti-electrostatic indicators 15kV
Working voltage 6V
Environment Operating temperature -100- +400
Working humidity 40%RH-85%RH (no gel)

 Used for companies, enterprises and institutions etc. to store documents and files;
 Used for banks, securities etc. to store important commercial information and notes;
 Used for families, hotels etc. to store valuables and jewelry.