Sell Large-scale bus intelligent alarm control panel

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Model: AB-2520
Detect Mode: Large-scale bus intelligent alarm control panel
 Can connect with 520 zones at most. It has 8 wired zones itself and can connect with 64 zone expanding modules by bus or WL-FX-8 control panel
 The communication distance can be 2400m with double bus of 0.5mm2 twisted-pair
 All the zones are distributed to 65 partitions at most for management.
 Each keypad can control one or several partitions. Single partition or zone can be armed or disarmed separately by the main keypad.
 Support 8 keypads which can be operated separately, including 1 main keypads and 7 auxiliary keypads. Any keypad can follow all the alarms and display the information by programming to the main keypad.
 The name of the zone and device can be changed so that it is easy for users to find the place where alarm happens.
 Many linkage functions including alarm, arming or disarming, abnormal, manual operation etc, 4096 ways at most to realize the electrical map, spot alarm and entrance or exit indication etc.
 With 3 levels of passwords, management, programme and operation
 With RS232 port itself to connect to PC directly
 Support contact ID protocol, can inform the user by telephone.
 Arm or disarm by keypad password, remote controller, PC and telephone.
 All the keypads can be armed or disarmed by management password or remote controlling to the main keypad
 Support spot controlling alarm output for the zone expanding module
 Support printer to print the alarm information
 Can programme to the control panel by software so that it is convenient for testing.
 Can send the spot by remote programme and access the configuration information by PC directly
 Can tailor-make the programme according to clients requirement and then send the programme to the user and the user can access the information by PC