Sell Large size flat plate solar collector

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coating selective absorbing coating (by Germany technology) , using magnetron sputtering winding coating technology
welding Laser welding (unique in the world) , with minimum damage to the coating
absorber One-piece flat board
frame Strengthened frame with a thickness of 1.8mm; Integrated with functional pieces; Perfect appearance, easy installation.
Back plate With a thickness of 0.8mm (high strength, extra durable)
heat preservation material Specially water proof treated

Profile Area m2 2.67
Window Area m2 2.4
Heat Absorbing Area m2 2.4
Size Of Collector mm (L x W x H) 2096x1326x100 2080x1124x100 2000x1050x100
Net Weight Of Collector kg 49 43 39
Size Of Package mm (L x W x H) 2106x1336x110 2090x1140x110 2010x1060x110
Gross Weight kg 50 44 39
Glass Cover Ultra Transparent Clear Tempered Glass
Transmittance Of Glass % 91.02
Material Of Collector Core Tp2
Coating Material Of Collector Core Cermet Coating
Original Place & Company Name Of Collector Core Blue Tec/Alanod Germany Blue Tec
Absorptivity Of Collector Core % 9512
Emissivity Of Collector Core % 512
Welding Method Of Collector Core Joint With Copper Tube Laser Welding
Size Of Collector Tube mm (Diameter x Length x Thickness) #22x1326x0.8 #22x1124x0.8 #22x1050x0.8
Number Of Tubes (pcs) 2 2 2
Size Of Pipe mm (Diameter x length x Thickness) #8x1958x0.75 #8x1940x0.75 #8x1864x0.75
Number Of Pipes (pcs) 11 9 8
Material Of Lagging Glass Wool
Thickness of lagging mm 50
Material Of Frame Aluminum Alloy
Certificate: CE and will get the Solar Keymark very soon!