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1) New software:
a) Realizes seamless connection with BMP, PLT and various graphic
processing software such as Photoshop, AutoCAD and CorelDraw
b) Has direct original graph output function and meets site design
requirements of users
c) Can define carving sequence freely and realize all or partial output for
one time easily
2) Carving materials: normal non-mental materials such as organic glass,
wood, leather, cloth, plastic, rubber plate for printing, double-color plate,
glass, synthetic crystal, jean, cardboard, dense plate and marble
3) Carving performances:
a) High speed cutting and smooth operation
b) Isn't limited by work efficiency of traditional laser processing
c) Uses perfect mechanic combination so as to ensure overall stability of
equipment and make curve cutting without any saw tooth, shake or
4) Functions:
a) Supports array output and fixed point output
b) Quicker speed and can greatly improve working efficiency
c) Newly adds 3,600 carving slope function and has more powerful
d) Large power smoke emission system
e) Large power water cooling system
f) Special control software
g) Air pump and automatic water cooler (optional)
h) No-water alarm
i) Cooling water display
j) Automatic alarm and cutting off the operation of laser during circular
water failure to protect laser
k) Automatic smoke emission
l) Smoke emission system starts automatically when carving machine
m) Smoke emission system closes automatically when carving machine
n) Elevation platform
o) Electric controlled automatic elevation platform has easy and flexible
p) Strong and stable mechanical structure designs digital controlled motion to
be permanent stable and not need adjustment
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