Sell Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

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This type of machine is the ideal one not only for engraving and hollowing on leather shoes and boots, trousers piece, cloth piece, but also can engrave on wooden artcraft, organic glass.

The working table can be ascended and descended, so it is easy to replace lens and adjust focaldistance.

This kind of sculpt not only can engrave on large scale material, but also can process one by one, saving your lay-off time.

On the other hand, it is controlled by computer which makes it possible to hollow with high speed and low power.

[Product Name] leather and cloth piece engraving laser machine
[Product Type] ZJ-2092A/B
[Parameters] laser-type:( A) American CO2 RF laser tube
laser-power: 40W 55W 60W 70W 100W
Machine frame scale: Different laser tubes and different length of them
Galvanometer scale: standard 175*175mm special 60*60 100*100 175*175 260*260mm
Engraving speed: 10000mm/s
Cutting speed: 5000mm/s
Moving system: CNC professional control system
Repeating location: 0.002(galvanometer scanner)
Cutting platform: thicker honeycomb working table
Auxiliary equipments: upper and nether exhausting system
Power controlling mode: Laser power and moving system sooperate
Controlling software: original Golgen laser software for large-scale engraving
Machine dimension: 1984*710*1520mm
Brand Name
Golden laser
Model Number