Sell Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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The machines adopt the advanced international DSP controling technology. It's the pioneer who has a fast and continuous curve engraving and shortest proceeding functions, which can raise working efficiency. For make sure keep the same cutting and engraving reaults of different areas, our machines adopt optical compensation. The high-speed cutting and engraving controlling software and buffering functions, which can raise producing efficiency.
According to the suggestion of our customers and different processing materials, we install different accessories on our machines to suit various processing case. For example, our aluminum alloy platform with various diameters, metallic grills with different gap, the negative pressure absorption for soft materials and the cooling system for solid materials, they are suit best for users' needs.
The up to date sofeware provides the direct output of original pictures, completely fit the graphic formats such as Auto CAD, CAM, CAD, CoreIDRAW sofeware, to meet the practical design requerement of the end users. The advanced colour control supports various colours and the turns of cutting, can realize the one-time output completaly or partially.
It is the first domestic product that uses USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory, greatly mproving working speed and effciency.
Applicable Materials: wood/ paper/ leather/ cloth/ organc glass/ resin/ acrylic/ wollens/ plastic/ rubber/ ceramic tile/ crystal/ bowlder/ bamboo
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