Sell Laser Etching System for ITO Removing

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Laser etching system for ITO remove is an efficient equipment for patterning a variety of Indium Tin Oxide files coated on glass and plastic substrates as typically used in LCD panel display and touch panel display. It is a dry etching, non-contact single step, direct writing, maskless and ablative process. This laser etching system provides very reliable and repeatable performances. The operation has little consumables. Further more, this system provide a very high electrical isolation on ITO film with required etching line width, which is one of the most important aspects for a high quality ITO film applications such as in mobile phones.

Single step operation
24hour/day and 7days/week reliable production with minimum maintenances
No need of extra toxic and polluting materials
High accuracy and good resolutions
Very high process speed

X-Y-Z- : four dimensional adjustment for automatic positioning
CCD assisted automatic patter recognition
Laser safety protection system
Patented technology for beam shaping
Dust collection system
Process expert system
Friendly operating interface with required languages