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A whole laser marking head (or called laser scanner) consists of two scan mirrors, two galvanometers (or called galvo-scanner motor) & drive cards, a XY mount, a scanning lens (f-theta lens) , an interface card (or called D/A card) , a set of marking software and a DC power supply. Two types of scanning optics for CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers are available.

The marking field of our standard marking head is 105x105mm (CO2 laser) or 110x110mm (Nd:YAG laser) . Other mark fields are available upon request. In fact, the marking field depends on the f-theta lens. Thus you may prepare a few f-theta lenses with different marking fields for your various applications.

The focused beam diameter is theoretical calculation for reference only and actual focused beam diameter depends on beam expander, f-theta lens and laser.
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