Sell Laser Marking Machine

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GH-ZJ50 Series Laser Marking Machine

Applicable Fields:
The machine can be used in components of automobile and motorcycle, astronautic apparatuses, chips of integrate circuit electronics, packages of food, drink and cigarettes, keys of mobile phone, batteries, electric apparatuses, fittings and peripheral equipments of computer, ironware tools, stainless steel wares, electric products, communication products, medical devices, sanitation, cleaning and bathing wares, clocks and watches, jewelries, industrial bearings, electric wire and cable, garment. It can mark both words and graphs.

Specific Feature:
1, The important parts adopt high quality components, and the machine has high reliability and stability.
2, The machine adopts red-light position determination system, and it has high positioning accuracy, high repetitive positioning precision. .
3, Water-off protecting, it can prolong the life of laser tube.
4, Equipped with foot switch, it is easy to operate.
5, Output power is stable, it can work in all kinds of
6, The machine can mark perfectly, and it can avoid
forging effectively.

Technical Parameters:
Laser Medium Nd: YAG
Laser wave length 1064nm
Laser power (W) 50w
Adjust Q frequency 0~50kHz
Width of Marking line >=0.02mm
Speed of Linear scanning <=7000mm/s
Depth of Marking 0.01~0.2mm (varies according to the materials)
Repetitive positioning accuracy 0.255m
Marking size 70mmW70mm (standard positioning)110mmW110mm, 220mmW220mm (optional)
Powersupply 380V/50Hz, 4kw
Weight 220kg