Sell Laser Pointer for PC

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Laser Pointer for PC

This Product could replace the used mouse's turning pages function for doing the presentation. You only need to plug the receiver with the USB. Then use the pointer pen to control as the remote control of page turner. It has the simple and convenient operation which will help you to accomplish every presentation of your successfully.
Technical Specification
Operating Temperature 0-40 degrees C
Wavelength 650nm
Output Power 1mW
Battery "N" Sizex2pcs
Dimension Dia. 13.5x142mm
Weight 65g
Continually use 8 hours
Use Interface USB ver 1.1-th
Power Cable Length 100cm
Power Supply USB afford
Operating Temperature 0-40 degrees C
Receiving Distance 5-7m
Receiving Angle Up 15 degrees down 45 degrees
Consumption power 50mA
Weight 67g