Sell Laser Spot Welding Machine (LWY60)

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The pith parts of the laser spot machine: Adopted export pottery reflect antrum, 6KW single pulse Xenon lamp, LCD can program voltage power supply(HGL200P) , Microscope monitoring system, Liquid crystal light valve, Outlay 1.5P water cooling machine. Laser spot welding machine energy uniformity; possess the best laser spot of welding characteristic needed. The optic-electric transferring efficiency is higher than the kind of products even better than foreign products; No need for unpacking and washing, long maintenance cycle, 2-3 times longer life time of Xenon Lamp; Fast welding speed, small heated area, no pollution, high efficiency environmental protection.


It is widely used in welding of Golden, Sliver, Platinum, Stainless steel, Titanium and alloy material and widely used in the fields of Aviation, Airspace, Weapon, Naval vessel, GEM products, Jewelry, Precise mould, Dental mold, Hardware and so on. Especially suitable for Jewelry welding, Mould repairing, Golf ball repairing, Spot welding for component, Battery welding etc.


Mode: LWY60

Laser Medium


Max. Single pulse energy

Average output power

Focused spot diameter
0.20-1.5mm (Adjustable)

Pulse width
1-20ms (Adjustable)

Pulse frequency

Protective gas
One Route

Power supply
220V 50Hz 4KW