Sell Laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine

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H-321 Laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine primarily use the 3D cameras to take the three-dimensional pictures on the human body , and then through the laser inner carving technology made dots in crystal , Many dots to form a three-dimensional images. This type of machine use 200Hz laser power supply to make a progress on speed and the dots are small light and the equipment is strong stability.
☉ High degree of automation, high reliability, can work continuously for a long time and engrave at high speed;
☉ Suitable software is rich, can make various three-dimensional, plane characters, images and etc;
☉ Non-touch style process ensures that the surface of the crystalline lens keeps its
☉ The pattern of engraving is exquisite, crystal-clear and strong 3-dimensional sense.
Technical Specifications
Medium of Laser Nd:YAG
Wave length of laser 532nm
Laser Frequency 200Hz
Engraving Speed 6000-10000dots/min
Engraving Range 280W280W80mm
Laser Head Number 1
Cooling Method Compressor
Power of Main Machine 4KW
Weight of Main Machine 400kg