Sell Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine

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GH-318 Laser subsurface engraving machine is a laser processing equipment integrating optics, machinery, and electricity. It adopts the technology of laser, controlling by computer, and high precision high controlling by computer, and high precision high efficiency servo motor control system, the machine can engrave all kinds of exquisite & perfect tri-dimensional pattern inside the transparent crystal glass in different specs and shapes.
GH-318 Laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine is eight-heads green laser crystal subsurface engraving machine, It adapt to make big quantity products. It is made according to the CE standard of EU. This type of machine can engrave eight crystal glass products at the same time. Its products can give person Crystal-clear and fine noble visual image, thats elaboration for your home decoration.

Technical Parameter:
Medium of Laser Nd:YAG
Wave length of laser 532nm
Laser Frequency 100Hz
Engraving Speed 3000-6000dots/min
Engraving Range 280W280W80mm
Laser Heads 8
Controlling System Servo control
Cooling Method Compressor
Power of Main Machine 4kw
Weight of Main Machine 480 kg

☉ High degree of automation, high reliability, can work continuously for a long time and engrave at high speed;
☉ Suitable software is rich, can make various three-dimensional, plane characters, images and etc;
☉ Non-touch style process ensures that the surface of the crystalline lens keeps its cleanness;
☉ he pattern of engraving is exquisite, crystal-clear and strong tri-dimensional sense.