Sell Laser Tattoo Removal Machine V2+

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Theory of operating

The Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser delivers light of specific wavelengths with high energy which are absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo and result in an shockwave. The shockwave shatters the pigment particles, releasing them from their encapsulation and breaking them into fragments small enough for removal by the body. These tiny particles are then eliminated by the body. Since this specific wavelength can only be absorbed by pigment particles, no injury to skin and normal tissues will occur.


1. Tattoo removal. Can remove black, blue, brown and red tattoo pigments on eyebrow, eye line, lip line and other parts of body.

2. Also can be used to remove pigment scar and red pigment allergic agent.


1. No injury to skin and hair follicle; No risk of scarring.

2. Remove stubborn pigment which is hard to be removed by drug and other means.

3. Painless treatment, little side-effect.

4. Easy to operate.

5. Popular with patients and easy to get the investment back.

6. Small size, portable, convenient for itinerant service.


Laser Type: Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser
Wavelength: 1064nm or 532nm
Pulse Energy: Max 600mJ
Pulse Duration: 10-20ns
Pulse Rate: Adjustable from 1Hz to5Hz
Power Supply: 220V 6A or 110V 12A
Dimension: 410mm(L) × 210mm(W) × 240mm(H)
Weight: 16Kg