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Suitable for cutting and marking plastic, cotton, wood, paper, leather, acrylic, horn, fabric fiber and composite material, etc. It could mark on stone, chinaware, glass, two-color board and alumina, etc. Support bitmap marking, grade marking, vector cutting and laser drilling.

System characteristic
1. Mini, high cutting speed, high precision.
2. Fly light path, lift worktable.
3. Red light preview.
4. Adopt imported high class motor, Japanese high accurate belt and belt wheel, imported slide-rail in order to guarantee high precision in high speed movement. Max. Cutting speed 500mm/s, Max. Marking speed 1500mm/s, repetitive positioning precision.
5. Consist of optical system, motor system, control system, fume exhaust system, blow-through fan system and focus positioning device. Optional accessory: beehive absorption table. Front door and back door could be open. Max. Cutting scope: 800mm X any length.
6. Support PLT, BMP, DXF, AI and JPG, etc. Can make different cutting and marking by setting separated parameters layers.

Technical data
Laser power: 30W
Cutting scope: 800mmX500mm
Max. Width of work piece: 960mm
Max. Length of work piece: infinity
Max. Height of work piece: 180mm
Cutting depth (acrylic) : 6mm (at the speed of 12mm/sec)
Linear speed: marking speed<=1500mm/sec
cutting speed<=500mm/sec
Positioning speed: 1~800mm/sec
Average static repetitive positioning precision: <=10.02mm
Focal lens: standard 2, optional 1.5, 3
Structure of laser path: fly path
Locomotion structure: planer-type
Figure: enclosed type
Cooling system: air cooling
Electric power: 220V/50Hz/10A
Brand Name
Laser cutter
Supply Capacity
20 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Power Requirements
Laser power 30w 50/60HZ
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
L/C and T/T
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
1 year