Sell Laser equipment for medical use and cosmetology

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1. Treatment theory
A. the photon functions that the strong pulse light functions skin of the wavelength produces behind, stimulating the collagen the rebirth. morever, hot function in its light for producing can strengthen the afferent function. it makes circulation ameliorative and attains the face lighting and also contracts the treatment result of the pore.
B. because the pigmented granules in the organization after pathological change are far more intensified than those in normal skin. its heat produced after absorbing light is also higher than in skin. utilizing the temperature gap between them, closed pathologically changred blood vessles, and enables the pigmented granules to break and resolve, without hurting the normal organizations.
2. Treatment range
A. speckle taking:fleck, chloasma, sunburn, age pigment, birthmark, liver spot, dermal spot and some pigmentation.
B. the sores:scabby sore, allergic sore, sore mark and sore pit.
C. blood-streaks:inborn blood-streak, blood-streak after skin exchanging, red face, redspot, the hyper susceptibility skin and sensitive skin.
C. skin soft:cintracting pores, dispelling black pores, dipelling furrow.
D. hair removing:armpit hair, beard and hair on four limbs.
E. special items:tight face, face lifting, dispelling black eye, socket, diapelling eye bag, curing folliculitis, mammary areola red.
3. Parts
handle, powerline, professional defend glass, eyepatch
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