Sell Laser imprinted plastic ear tags for livestock identification

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Our Company, Kupsan Ltd. is one of the leader companies in manufacturing plastic ear tags for livestock identification in the world. Our two piece tamper proof ear tags are manufactured with the most up to date principle in ear tag technology. Made of high grade polyurethane, the Kupsan tags have the following superior features which make our products the tags of choice:

 Microbial resistant
 UV stabilized
 High retention rate and durability,
 Guaranteed for the lifetime of the animal
 Exclusive self piercing tip which allows clean, precise incision
 Freely rotating tag ensures tag hangs correctly
 Easy to read from front or back
 Customizable permanent laser printing

Our tags are securely locked together, ideal for lifetime animal record security. The point locks-in after it goes through the ear without tearing or bruising. A closed housing protects the point, making it virtually impossible to remove the tag without breaking it. We offer a variety of different size and color options for all using purposes. Our ear tags have been proved well and are acceptable for the official identification in many European countries and all over the world. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we pride ourselves in our high quality products and competitive prices as well as in our fast and efficient services.